Nowadays it seems the world can’t get enough of Toronto culture, from Drake and The Weeknd to the next crop of young artists making noise on the scene. Hip-hop commentator, DJ Akademiks, has been giving the city some shine in recent months and a number of local media outlets have popped up over the past few years. One of those outlets is TorontoRoom and its taking Toronto by storm.

Founded in April 2020, TorontoRoom has been gaining steam, quickly growing to over 200K followers on Instagram alone. What’s the secret sauce behind their fast rise? TikTok. The founder, who simply goes by “JS”, credits his collaborations with TikTokers, including Carly Sarah, Lessica, YYZSasha, and Frostily, and other local pages with their growth. Today, they have not only gained the attention of the city, but budding Toronto artists like Chromazz, Killy, Lil Berete, Roney, Duvy, and Ar.Paisley.

Now they are looking to take over another platform – YouTube. Through their TorontoRoom Premieres channel they premiere music videos for up and coming artists including Smoovito, Pharaoh B, and KGnumba10. They also have taken the TorontoRoom Premieres brand to Spotify where artists can have their music added for free.

For JS, his ambitions are simple.

“I plan to see TorontoRoom taking over the hip-hop community in Toronto and then going global”, he told SHIFTER.

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