SHIFTER’s Artist of the Month for September is Montreal rapper, Nate Husser.

Nate Husser is already proving to be one of the fastest rising talents coming out of Canada and a true hip-hop powerhouse. Huss continues to showcase his musical talent and vision as an artist with the release of “JELLY”, a new single from his upcoming project Adult Supervision set to be releases through +1 Records/EMPIRE.

“When I’m done I just want people to know about lil burgundy and how it raised me”.

Outside the booth, you can only really find Nate on a basketball court. His passion for both games has led him this far. Nate Husser has brought the tale of a rose from concrete to life. From the roughs of Little Burgundy to international stages, Nate has won numerous awards for his musical talent, acting prowess and vision as an artist, the last one being the winner of Best Web Series: Drama at the LA Film Awards for his lead role in Amours d’occasion. 2021 already looks like one for the books.

 Artist Name: Nate Husser

City/Country: Montreal, Canada

Social media/links:

Art form/creative discipline: Hip-hop

What has been your biggest creative/professional accomplishment so far? 

Just being able to do what I do at this point in my life and career is an accomplishment in itself. Staying alive.

Who are your biggest creative inspirations?

Lil Wayne. Pharrell. These were the guys for me when I was a youngin’ and even still now.

If money wasn’t an option I’d be…

No answer.

In 5 years I will be…

Me still, just a ‘lil mo’ richer. More educated, wiser.

Something everyone should know about me is…

You don’t know me.

If I could give one piece advice to my fellow creators it would be…

Be. You.

Recent and upcoming projects:

Just dropped my single JELLY. My EP ‘Adult Supervision’ coming soon.

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