Kemar, or Mars as he’s affectionately called, is off to the moon in Flight, a Jamaican short film directed by Kia Moses and Adrian McDonald (Audience Choice winner at Diversity in Cannes short film showcase).

Mars can often be found on the roof imagining himself in another galaxy. Like many Caribbean households plagued by poverty, the young dreamer is jolted back to reality and reminded that the life he dreams of is for the rich and lucky, of which he is neither.

What unfolds is a sweet story of a child who has a big imagination fueled by love. This story is not a new one but, being set in Jamaica, gives a fresh take on how we are more alike than different. We also see  humour many in the Caribbean people can relate to, including Mars’ father admonition his son to not waste his tin foil, a valued commodity in many Caribbean homes.

Flight is heartfelt, warm and funny with a beautiful take on a father-son relationship, which is refreshing given the history of father-son bonds in the Black community. 

Flight reminds viewers there is power in believing.

Koliah Bourne

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