There are three main ways to get involved with SHIFTER:



As a SHIFTER Influencer you’re a recognized creator or thought leader in your field. You offer industry insight and expertise through how-to’s and commentaries. SHIFTER Influencers contribute articles at least once per quarter, sharing their insight on creativity, culture or entrepreneurship. You can also be a columnist contributing at least once per month. The more you contribute is the more you’ll build a loyal following! Contact us to find out how SHIFTER can help you build an audience and position you as an influencer.


  • Free digital issues of SHIFTER Magazine
  • Free copy of SHIFTER’s Instagram Growth Formula e-book
  • Potential speaking opportunities at SHIFTER events
  • Attend SHIFTER events for FREE!
  • Leverage SHIFTER’s successful web, social media and email platform




SHIFTER Insiders have their ear to the ground when it comes to what’s happening in fashion, art, film, culture, technology or business. As a SHIFTER Insider you contribute an article once per month in the creative field of your choice. Insiders may also cover industry events, including conferences and fashion shows, for SHIFTER Magazine.


  • Free digital issues of SHIFTER Magazine
  • Attend SHIFTER events for FREE!
  • Springboard to becoming a SHIFTER Influencer




SHIFTER Ambassadors are our brand evangelists who extol the virtues of our brand and what we stand for. As a an Ambassador you can help out on our street teams, promote SHIFTER at events, and help to spread the SHIFTER brand on social media. If you’re loud and not afraid to stand out, sign up to be a SHIFTER Ambassador!


  • Free SHIFTER merch
  • Free digital issues of SHIFTER Magazine
  • Springboard to becoming a SHIFTER Insider and Influencer




“Ever since joining SHIFTER, I realized there were no limits to what the creative mind could achieve. When people tell me, “You can’t do that” or “This is impossible”, I show them what I have done with SHIFTER so far and suddenly they realize that ‘Impossible’ is just another word for ‘Opportunity’.”

Vladimir Jean-Gilles, Creative Director, SHIFTER On Films



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