There are four ways to get involved with SHIFTER:


SHIFTER is “the home of the creators and influencers that shift culture”. If you’re a content creator, whether a writer, blogger, photographer, or videographer you can join the team as a SHIFTER Creator. Creators can leverage the SHIFTER brand and platform and get their work in front of our audience. You can also join our community of creators and influencers and gain opportunities for greater collaboration.


  • Opportunities to cover major events for SHIFTER
  • Network and collaborate with fellow creators
  • Ability to brand yourself as a “SHIFTER Creator” on social media

SHIFTER Columnist

Our columnists are industry leaders and opinionated shit disturbers who have key insight into their respective industry. SHIFTER Columnists will commit to writing an opinion piece at least once per month.


  • Access to our audience made up of the key 18-30 year old demographic
  • A columnist page and dedicated URL on for use on your social media channels
  • Ability to brand yourself as a “SHIFTER Columnist” on social media

SHIFTER Contributor

Our contributors are the engine behind SHIFTER Contributors write a minimum of one article per week in the area of their choice, including film, music, food, fashion, sports and business. Our contributors have gone on to work or write for outlets like CBC Radio, Rotten Tomatoes, and Schmoes Know.


  • Opportunities to cover major events for SHIFTER
  • Industry experience
  • Ability to brand yourself as a “SHIFTER Columnist” on social media

SHIFTER Talent/Influencer

SHIFTER is in the business of developing and working with personalities. Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur or author, our goal is to find talent and influencers who can appear in SHIFTER original programming.


  • Opportunities to appear in SHIFTER shows
  • Opportunities to produce shows on the SHIFTER platform



“Ever since joining SHIFTER, I realized there were no limits to what the creative mind could achieve. When people tell me, “You can’t do that” or “This is impossible”, I show them what I have done with SHIFTER so far and suddenly they realize that ‘Impossible’ is just another word for ‘Opportunity’.”

Vladimir Jean-Gilles, Creative Director, SHIFTER On Films/ CBC Radio/Rotten Tomatoes film critic, BFCA member





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