all american season 5 episode 3
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Spencer proves he has game after all and Liv finally gets a lead on her story. Here’s our All American season 5 episode 3 recap.

Things are looking up for Asher as Coach Montes has decided to give him more responsibility, showing him what he does in the offseason and allowing him to scout players. His first stop is Crenshaw High School to see Billy about his players. It’s amazing to see Asher and Billy go from having a coach and player relationship to being peers. Billy shows him Jabari who Coastal California offers a full ride scholarship. 

Patience is living her dream as well as she gets ready to walk her first red carpet. Jordan and Patience pressure Layla into wearing a gown. It turns out to be a great decision as Patience and Layla start trending after killing it on the red carpet.

Meanwhile, the Spencer and Liv saga continues. Jordan invites Spencer to meetup with him and Liv to talk about the Coach Garrett story. The only thing is nobody told Liv. She later accuses Spencer of overstepping in telling Liv how to approach players for her story.

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Jordan agrees with Spencer, calling Liv a “bull in a china shop” (if you’ve watch SHIFTER TV Talk you know what’s up), reminding her of how she blew up Laura on her podcast and how she approached the Wade story. After Spencer admits he overstepped and Liv admitted he helped her to see things differently they share a good moment. But Spelivia diehards looking for them to reconcile are going to be a little heartbroken. While going with Grace to find a wedding dress, he and the salesperson, Alicia, start to get a little cozy. Turns out Spencer has game with the ladies after all. A hate to be one of those fans, but I’m not feeling this new relationship. It’s too soon, Spencer!

But things are looking up for Liv professionally. After a conversation with Spencer, Isaiah goes to Liv to confess after learning the player he injured may never play again.

Fortunately, despite Spencer and Liv being further apart than ever, Layla and Jordan finally give in to the feelings but the moment is cut short when JJ finds them (and you know that if JJ knows everyone will know soon enough).

The other big story is Preach at risk of losing his daughter because he has two strikes on his record. Coop is going to bat for him, even promising Amina she’ll keep them together. Sadly, she’s now learning the downside of the legal system.

All American airs Mondays at 8pm on The CW.

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