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The Vortex and family celebrate Billy’s birthday as he continues to debate taking the GAU coaching job. Here’s our All American season 5 episode 8 recap.

Preparations for Billy’s party

The backdrop for this episode is Billy’s birthday. The episode opens with Spencer and Alicia putting their clothes on after spending some “quality time” together. Although going to family gatherings was apparently against the rules, they make plans for her to come to Billy’s birthday party.

At the former Baker house turned bachelorette pad, Liv overhears Coop talking about Spencer bringing Alicia to the party. Awkward. Coop’s big mouth gets her in trouble again.

Billy considers the GAU coaching job

Spencer is confident about Kenny getting the coaching job at GAU, but that may be short-lived. The birthday boy himself, Billy, talks to Laura about taking the job. While he loves being a principal, coaching a Division 1 team is his dream job, especially if both Jordan and Spencer are there. Later in the episode, Billy tells Grace that GAU is considering other candidates. She puts two and two together and goes in on him about leaving the principal job and doing whatever he feels like to get ahead.

Later, Billy confides in Jordan about him being offered the coaching job at GAU. Jordan, who agrees to stay and play for Billy, is happy not only because his father will be his coach again, but because he told him before Spencer.

Jordan and Layla reunite

Jordayla reconnect at the former Baker house after his trip to Wilmot to check out their football program. Layla was also away on tour with Patience. She tells Jordan that she saw Simone in Atlanta. 

Later, Jordan presses Layla about her talk with Simone. It turns out they had a few conversations about Jordan as Layla wanted to clear the air. They have her blessing, but things between Simone and Layla are strained.

“Simone wants us to be happy from a distance so she ended our friendship.”

On the positive side, it sounds like they’re preparing to go public with their relationship. It’s exciting to think what the Vortex’s reactions will be especially Liv.

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Billy’s surprise party

Laura organized a tracksuit themed surprise roast party for Billy. Things get awkward for Spencer when Liv walks in with Noah.

Coop, Jordan, Layla, Asher, Laura, Jordan and Liv all take turns roasting Billy. Then Billy turned on them, giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Grace reminds Spencer, that he and Liv started as friends and they should try to get back there. Spelivia have a good talk about rekindling their friendship but they’re fooling themselves. They still love each other and it’s clear to everyone. Olivia says their friendship will never be the same, but they can rebuild a new friendship. Liv’s somewhat awkward smile says she still has feelings for him.

After taking Liv home, Noah lets her know he’s feeling her, admitting all he wants to do is spend time with her. Liv responds by kissing him and just like that a new romance is born.

But things aren’t going so well for Spencer. After Alicia saw that Spencer is still in love with Liv, she walks out of the beach house, leaving him confused about their arrangement. Good riddance. Their relationship feels unnatural and forced (partly because it is).

Other storylines

Earlier at the beach house, Jordan shares his reservations about going to Coastal with Asher. Although they had a fight, Jordan and JJ have made up, but Asher isn’t feeling it.

Speaking of Asher, Jamie’s Lupus is flaring up and the pain gets worse throughout the episode. In her final scene, she asks Asher to take her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Sky wants Coop to move out of the former Baker house, even looking at ads for new places. In the end we learn it’s because she’s worried about her living with Patience. Coop responds that her break up is still fresh and she wants to take it slow.

Final thoughts

Overall, it was a great episode. With Billy’s party being the backdrop, scenes where all the major characters are on screen at the same time don’t happen very often. There are a few secrets that are going to be coming out in the open very soon, so there a lot of drama to come.

All American Mondays at 8pm on The CW.

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