Look Mom I Can Fly review


This week, Houston’s very own, Travis Scott, dropped his much anticipated Netflix documentary “Look Mom I Can Fly”. Trailers were posted online prior to the release, but they really didn’t do the film justice. What we’ve been given is the most intimate look at the life and career of one of hip-hop’s leading artists; the privilege of being a fly on the wall during the best run in hip-hop in 2018.

The film opens with an interview on a roller coaster; a fitting intro given the Astroworld concept for his latest project. In fact, Astroworld, which SHIFTER crowned its album of the year for 2018, plays a starring role in the film while also serving as its soundtrack. We get to see Scott riding around in a car listening to the instrumental for “Who? What?” seemingly before any bars were written. We see him in the studio actually recording Astroworld. We see him and his crew first reacting to Drake’s verse on “Sicko Mode”. We also see his anger and disappointment at losing out on winning Best Album at the 2019 Grammys to Cardi B and the personal doubts and questioning that followed.

We also get a glimpse into Scott’s beginnings in Houston. Throughout the documentary we see home movies of Travis Scott, or “Jack” as his family calls him, from birthday parties and learning to ride a bike, to family outings at the amusement park. This is contrasted with footage of him now as a father – at an ultrasound appointment with Kylie, in the delivery room, and then now after Stormi’s birth. In a DJ Khaled-esque move, Stormi is actually listed as a producer on the project.

Also on display is his connection with his city as Travis Scott takes us into his childhood home, including the bedroom he shared with his brother. We then visit his old high school and meet his principal and guidance counselor who both changed his life. Finally, we see his ongoing relationship with Houston mayor Sylvester Turner, who, at one point in the film, presents Scott with a key to the city. Although he often raps about the Hidden Hills, Scott hasn’t lost of touch of where home is.

From the early clips of a young Travis Scott to shots of him performing in front of just 20 people only five years ago, Travis Scott’s story is one of an average guy, just like you and I, sticking to his vision and making his dream happen. Whether you’re a die hard Travis Scott fan, an aspiring hip-hop artist, producer or manager, or just a fan of hip-hop, “Look Mom I Can Fly” will leave you inspired to make your own dreams a reality.