Taste of the 6ix


Charles finally noticed I was hungry. He said, “You should come and have a taste of some fresh bites steaming out of the oven; some hot plates by some of the most talented people in the city”. “Hmmm…Steam? Ovens? Heat? Fresh bites? Yasssss! I’m in!”, I said in heavenly delight. 

We love Toronto. It’s a real vibe out here. There’s “truly something special” about the Six, as the 1998 Tamia track suggests. Personally, I think it’s our cultural diversity that makes the city special.

As Torontonians, we love to feast on roti, scones, rolls, injera, baguette, tapioca, dumplings, pita, biscuit, pratha and the list goes on and on. In one word, we’re “global”, and this appreciation for all things global will be in full display Friday night at the Taste of the 6ix Global Music Showcase, as we serve you the best in world musical entertainment. The beautiful people of Toronto demand the best of the best, and it’s multiculturalism which makes the event that much more special. 

Understanding the very need for a safe haven and welcoming environment, from the bottom of our open hearts and minds, here’s an invitation to experience the arts, fashion and community that will bring you back to what truly matters – LOVE. 

At the September 2019 edition, Aion Clarke brings a brilliance and classy smooth Rhythm & Blues with his bright sensual voice. 

KRSRAGA, with her unapologetically sexy disposition and charm, marvels the city with contemporary progressive bass lines.  

Liv Mannara sings her truth over deep melodic beats.

If you like sharp bars, straight forward ideas and the Tdot attitude, get ready to trap with JellyTooFly. 

YESWAY knows the art of lyrics when the DJ drops his beats. Meanwhile, David Sully will enrapture you with the acoustic style he plays alongside his fabulous silky voice.

On September 6th, we’re gathering at Orchid nightclub in Toronto for another edition of this acclaimed event.

Let’s share that good energy in support of our very own emerging artist; let’s celebrate us. We all, together make the artistic scene of the 6ix. It’s a family.

What are you waiting for? Get ready to indulge on some great music and really taste what the 6ix has to offer!

By Carolina Leite, Music Correspondent (Toronto)

The September edition of Taste of the 6ix takes place Friday, September 6th. CLick below for more info.