Melissa Lamm


Melissa Lamm is a singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. She combines her love of pop music with thoughtful lyrics that resonate with listeners. Her music takes influence from her favourite artists, including John Mayer, Lights, Zedd, and The Weeknd.

Biggest accomplishment so far: For as long as I can remember, I have been a creative person battling with the conventional little voice inside my head. I have always wanted to be a songwriter. I wanted to create music that complete strangers listened to. I wanted to turn complicated ideas into beautiful phrases that resonated with others. I wanted to be an artist.

But I didn’t believe that I could do it. I got involved in others’ creative projects. I helped out on photoshoots, running errands, carrying clothes, getting set materials ready. I got involved with an independent artist as a marketing assistant. I worked at a production studio as an executive assistant. I organized open mics and promoted shows for other artists. I was always in the background of exciting creative projects, feeling that I was not worthy of taking the spotlight for myself.

Until one day, when I decided that it was my turn to be the artist. I took everything I had learned, and ran with it for myself.

My biggest accomplishment to date is that I challenged my own notions of what was acceptable for my life. I decided that I would lead a creative life, and pursue it without question. My next challenge will be to inspire others to do the same.

What creativity means to me: Creativity is a challenge. Sometimes it asks, “Can you make something out of nothing?” Other times, it asks “Can you make something better?”

It is problem-solving in the most wonderful way! I want to express a feeling, how do I choose to do it? I want to bring attention to an important issue, how can I get others interested as well? It keeps daily life interesting and pushes society year after year, generation after generation.

Past and present creative icons (who inspired you creatively): Canadian musician Lights is a huge creative icon for me. She is unapologetically so different from other pop artists. When she first came on to the scene, her sound was so techy, and so unlike anything I had ever heard before. She is an incredible songwriter and somehow writes about unconventional topics (i.e. space) in the most beautiful, accessible way.

The place where I feel the most creative: Alone, at night, sitting at my keyboard.

Favourite creative outlet: I love to play the piano and just come up with new melodies or lyrical ideas. Songwriting is like a puzzle. I know that at the end of the process I will have a song that I’m happy with. But I have to figure out the words, notes, and chords first. It’s a challenge but it’s so exciting and rewarding!

What inspires me to create: Although often it exhausts me, creativity is the fuel of my life. I am not satisfied if I am not working on some creative project. I am compelled to create as I am compelled to breath. Seeing other people pursuing creative paths inspires me to keep pushing.

If money was not an option I would: If money was not a factor in my life, I wouldn’t need to work. I would spend more of my time working on my voice, on my writing skills. I would take lessons and meet others as often as I could. I would continue to push.

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Listen to Melissa Lamm’s single “Blessings” below