Glowfair has come and gone and we must say we were impressed. Often in Canada’s capital city, events are hyped but they unfortunately fall short of expectations. Glowfair bucked the trend by delivering as promised. For two nights we were transported to what felt like a major event in a much larger city. The performances at both the main stage and DJ stage, including headliners Kiesza, The New Deal and Torro Torro, were top notch. Calgary native Lowell delivered a fun performance and hip-hop DJ, Vilify, had the crowd in a frenzy as she played classics and new hits by the likes of Jay-Z, Drake and M.O.P. The silent disco where DJs sent music straight to bluetooth headphones was both creative and unusual. Watching partygoers move to music while the streets were silent almost felt like a paranormal experience. Even the daytime program, with its family-friendly, all ages zones, including a street circus and skateboarding showcase, were entertaining.

After experiencing Glowfair for the first time there’s no doubt that this will quickly become one of the signature, annual events in the capital and has the potential to put Ottawa on the map in a way few events have. This festival of music, light and art is a perfect representation of the city that Ottawa is becoming. Anyone who had the opportunity to party on Bank Street this past weekend saw that Ottawa is definitely not sleepy or lacking fun.

The Glowfair team has definitely raised the bar and it’s our hope that other event organizers in the capital will follow their lead. We are already looking forward to seeing what the team has up their sleeve for 2016. Our only recommendation- more glow!

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