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It was just a year ago that entrepreneur, Mehdi Jourabbaf, founded TEN, short for Tonight Ends Never, a creative agency specializing in artist and model management, creative direction, product production and marketing. You’ve probably seen his work on Instagram without realizing he was the man orchestrating things behind the scenes. 

The vision for Tonight Ends Never is clear. When asked what inspired him to launch the agency he stated, “Everyone wants to become a superstar, but when we looked closer we realized no one was interested in managing those superstars to-be. Ottawa is our home and it’s fueled with limitless talent, and I don’t say it lightly. Sadly, few have managed to take on international success. We see that as an opportunity. Our vision is to stick to what we think we do really well and help our artists develop a platform to help them reach their full potential.”

TEN’s products include premium water brand XO Water, which quickly wracked up over 18K followers on Instagram, and the perfume line TEN.

TEN Tonight Ends Never

They’ve also assembled an impressive roster of talent in a short period of time, including up and coming (and highly sought after) photographers Oladimeji Odunsi and Architxct, and Eyptian Canadian college soccer player Ibrahim Soukary. But it’s recording artists Vi and Salem, who will be headlining TEN’s upcoming one year anniversary celebration, who are garnering the most attention.

R&B songstress Vi’s debut music video for “Fool’s Gold” captured over 50K views. It was then remixed by Jordan Comolli and was published on Trap Nation, receiving over 600k views.

TEN says of the singer, “Her authentic sound displays emotional perfection. At the same time, nothing is perfect, and with that comes a heartbreak within her art….Vi truly keeps herself out of the loop, in the dark, and enables the attention to be on her music and the courage in her voice.”

Meanwhile, Salem is generating buzz of his own. His records “Hopeless” and “COPILOT” each have over 10K views and counting on Soundcloud.

Salem describes his sound as “a summer vibe all year round”. It’s meant to evoke the feeling of driving down Miami Beach with beautiful palm trees, 365 days a year.

While the first year of any business has its challenges, the team at TEN are happy about the talent, or “family”, they’ve assembled.

“TEN is my family and everything we do is a creative collaboration to move forward. We look out for each other.”

Mehdi says of the past year, “It’s been an interesting year and we are still learning. After coming across Vi’s music in November last year through a friend I had to meet her. I had a spark that she has the superstar gene. She is super talented. Since Vi, we’ve added Salem to our roster. He’s released three tracks and his flow is godly. I joke with my partners George Jazzar and Omar Al Adwani and repeatedly ask, ‘What are we doing?’ And we never have an answer, but it’s special. For the future, we see music as a space we are putting the majority of our focus on. TEN is my family and everything we do is a creative collaboration to move forward. We look out for each other. Success unshared is a failure.”

Headliners Vi and Salem will be joined at the TEN anniversary celebration by fellow performers Juwn, Ian Lorts, Badda, Jayen x District, Redcouchboys, and Newlove x Keenan.

Click here for more information or to purchase tickets for the Tonight Ends Never anniversary celebration.

Kevin Bourne