all american season 4 episode 5 recap
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After facing shattered dreams, things are beginning to look up for many of the characters. SHIFTER’s Kevin Bourne takes a look at all the feel good moments in his All American season 4 episode 5 recap.

Jamie Turner, the writer of tonight’s episode, took to the Gram and said, “So yo, tonight’s episode is written by yours truly. So expect a lot of “my man’s” and an inordinate amount of bro and sis hug. My apologies. But seriously, I’m super proud of this one…” as he should be. After a lot of shattered dreams in previous episodes, tonight’s episode has a lot of feel good moments and warm fuzzies to go around.

As Spencer decommits from Toledo State and faces a penalty of not being able to play for another team, he’s forced to deal with the backlash as his loyalty is questioned. Coach Baker saves the day as he hatches a plan to get his Crenshaw and Beverley Hills boys a final look from college coaches in the form of a combine. After J.J. underperforms while pursuing his dream of becoming a college quarterback, with a little push from Asher, he shines as a linebacker, getting an offer from Coastal California. If you’ve been following since later in season three, you know what that means.

After successfully reminding J.J. that he’s an elite linebacker and helping him to secure an offer, our suspicions from previous episodes are coming true ― Asher is on the path to becoming a coach. But he’s not the only one. After getting her addiction in check, Liv is encouraged to become a sponsor, introducing one of three new characters in the episode. Jenn is a 15 year old addict with attitude whose parents forced her to go to rehab. Sound familiar? After having reservations about being a sponsor, Liv takes on the responsibility.

Following the combine, Spencer receives four offers, including one from his father’s long-time friend and new character, Coach Boone, from Golden Angeles university. After Coach Baker strong arms Toledo State’s Coach Hudson into dropping the penalty against Spencer and Golden Angeles’ Coach Garret (the third new character) extends an offer to Jordan, Spencer must decide whether he’ll run it back with Jordan alongside Coach Boone.

But things aren’t going as smoothly for Coop. Not only does she have to grapple with the news of Patience headlining her own tour in light of her own failed dream, but she must decide between joining her or staying at home and taking care of Amina, who is beginning to secretly suspect her of her mother’s death.

All American airs Mondays at 8pm EST on The CW in the United States and on Showcase in Canada.

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