Logic performing at RBC Ottawa Bluesfest on July 10, 2019. Photo by Greg Kolz / Bluesfest


Tonight, Logic, the first of the big name hip-hop artists to take the stage at RBC Bluesfest 2019, performed in front of thousands of fans at Lebreton Flats. The show actually started a few minutes early which caught the crowd of guard as fans were still approaching the stage.

As the show started, one thing was clear. Unlike other hip-hop artists today, and as a throwback to the Golden Era rappers of the 90’s, Logic didn’t rely on backtrack vocals to help him deliver his performance. Also clear was the fact that Logic is an about average lyricist and has mastered the art of crowd engagement as most great emcees have.

Nevertheless, the show started very slow. A fan wouldn’t have been blamed for dipping out after the first few songs. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, he didn’t hit his stride until about eight songs in. The highlight of the show was when Logic rattled off a trio of boom bap tracks, including “Warm It Up”, “One Day” and “Wutang Forever”. It was on the boom bap tracks with that classic sound that Logic shined. From then one he hit his stride and the remainder of the show was on point.

What we got from Logic was everything from music with a message to some laid back groove to some serious bangers, including the usual suspects like “Homicide” (which he followed up with a quick dose of “Forgot About Dre”. What we also saw from Logic was authenticity. This was a guy living his dream on stage and he was thankful for every moment of it.

Despite the agonizingly slow start, Logic still delivered a pretty good performance.