I Promise Public School


Yesterday, LeBron James opened a public school in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. The school differs from other celebrity funded schools in that James’ school, an initiative of the LeBron James Family Foundation, will not be a private or charter school, but will operate within the public school system. The school, called I Promise, will be home to 240 at-risk children and may eventually be home to 1,000 students. Children who attend the school may also be eligible for a full scholarship to the University of Akron. James calls the opening of the school the most important accomplishment of his career.

Business Insider reported on the school’s opening writing:

In addition to an extensive infrastructure meant to support the students, kids in the I Promise program will also have a chance to earn a full scholarship through the LeBron James Family Foundation to the University of Akron.

According to a spokesperson for the foundation, the I Promise program currently has 1,300 kids. When James and his foundation announced the program in 2015, they said they could give scholarships to as many as 2,300 students.

If 2,300 students were to qualify for the scholarships, it would be quite a commitment by James and his foundation (which teamed with J.P. Morgan Chase for the program). Tuition and fees for in-state students at the University of Akron are currently $11,466. Over four years, that’s $45,900. For 2,300 kids that would be approximately $105 million in scholarships.

LeBron James continues to set himself apart as one of the most vocal and socially conscious athletes of our time.

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