Josh Clarke


Toronto R&B artist Josh Clarke recently released a music video for his latest single “One Night”. Directed by Camilleon Productions and produced by Technikolormedia and Weggon Allen, the video stars Josh Clarke and Suzette Haywood.

The video for One Night is based around a sexy sophisticated “boss lady” who prides herself on being self-sufficient. She’s an entrepreneur and exudes a certain energy and presence about herself when she walks into a room. She is not easily impressed by men, especially those who seek her attention by showing off or flaunting lavish gifts as she can attain all of the above by on her own.

With this being said, our boss lady has coincidentally run into a certain young man a few times but has never given him the time of day based on how busy she is . One night while enjoying a girls night out at a posh supper club in NYC, she spots this young man out of the corner of her eye.

He is surrounded by beautiful women but he also sees her, and directs all his attention towards her. To him, beauty isn’t solely about the sexy women surrounding him but about the energy this boss lady has that just demands attention and curiosity. For that reason, he is drawn to her. Not only is she well put together and a boss but she is older and sophisticated which makes him want her more . “One Night” is about two people who crossed paths several times but the minute they actually connected they shared common understanding and the connection was undeniable. “One Night” is also about ladies who don’t want a one night stand; they’re their own independent bosses and command respect through action and sophistication. Being sexy is an energy and sometimes can be undeniable when you run into the right man…“one night”.

By Sabrina Oliveira