Matt Dyck illustrator


Matt Dyck illustrator

Name: Matt Dyck

Home Base: Whitby, ON

Past and present creative icons: Most of the artists that I look up to are the ones that have built themselves up to the point where they can illustrate/design/paint what they are personally interested in. Not confined to taking jobs simply because it means getting paid. Jeff Norwell is a great example of that. He loves hot-rods and the culture that goes along with it, and primarily works with companies and individuals that are in need of that type of work. It’s probably safer for me to say that I’m more influenced by art scenes rather than individuals. The Rockabilly culture, street art/graffiti, pre-WW2 imagery, and comic books are all part of that.

Place where I feel the most creative: In my office at my desk with music playing.

Favourite creative outlet: I’m in the fortunate position where I’ve turned my passion into my career. Other than my art, my favourite thing to do creatively is work on my hot-rod in my garage. Making it into what I envision in my mind is it’s own creative challenge. It’s like having a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle that I get to determine what the end result is.

What inspires me to create: The endless pursuit to get better at what I do. I feel like God has placed me here in this world to be an artist, so I better try to do the best job I can at it. There’s always something new to learn, something to improve on, and challenges to face. I love that.

If money weren’t an option I would: Probably get a modest house out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by forest but still make sure it had lightning fast internet service. I would still create artwork, and probably be done my hot-rod by now!

Bio: Matt is a 35 year-old illustrator living just outside of Toronto with his wife and two kids.

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