Facebook never ceases to generate buzz and every once in a while its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, generates buzz of his own. This week the business media was buzzing as Facebook closed last week at an at time high of $159.97 per share. This meant a big jump in net worth for the Facebook founder.

John Bonazzo of observer.com reported on this story:

Facebook’s stock has risen nearly 40 percent since the start of 2017—it closed at a record high of $159.97 on Friday. The social network is also expected to announce strong second-quarter earnings at the end of July.

All of this has combined to make Mark Zuckerberg even richer than he already was. Facebook’s founder, chairman and CEO owns roughly 17 percent of Facebook shares and holds majority voting power on the site’s board.

Thanks to the stock performance and earnings expectations, Zuckerberg’s net worth increased $3.5 billion in the last week alone. His total worth now stands at $66.7 billion, a record personal high according to Forbes billionaire rankings. Zuckerberg is the sixth-richest person on Earth and the youngest person in the top 50.

It’s clear that Bill Gates’ reign as richest person in the world is coming to an end as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and to a lesser extent Mark Zuckerberg, gain ground. Click here to read the full article.


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