This past Sunday night the who’s who of the music industry gathered in Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards which reached a 14-year high with 11.1 million viewers. Of course, I was one of them. I love an award show like the next person so I’m always looking to see who the winners are and what people are wearing. Since people weren’t wearing much, I’ll comment on the music.

Here’s my take on the night:

    • Depth isn’t always popular. I believe the people winning and performing are talented. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be there. I do believe the quality of music being performed could be better. After all there’s always room for improvement.
    • Taylor Swift should definitely be winning. She can sing and perform, and offers a great fan experience. While I applaud her for her creativity on wanting to put out a music video for her song Bad Blood, I wish there was a bit more of a storyline for all the star power that was pulled in.
    • Brittany Spears- glad to have her back. It looks like not much has changed since I was in high school, meaning she hasn’t aged! Her throwback to neon and crimped hair was alright, I guess, but wasn’t really relevant to the song. I’m really not sure if this is supposed to be an ode to pretty girls or a spoof.
    • Tori Kelly, amazing talent- quality all the way. Her sound is full and rich. Her look is perfect. So far she’s awesome!
    • Love oldies and goodies. So awesome to hear Mariah Carey and Simple Minds.
    • Kelly Clarkson is always a breath of fresh air – fully clothed, singing with passion and meaning.
    • Imagine Dragons sang the classic Stand by Me, a song recorded by more than 400 artists according to John Legend and Billboard. Wow! The classics never die! I would love to see more artists making hits like this that stand the test of time. Still hoping for more great artists and songwriters to emerge.
    • With so much talent, it shouldn’t be that hard to come up with some good stuff. Despite the lack of depth in some of the most popular artists, I’m still hopeful when thinking of the future of music.
    • Lastly, couldn’t see or hear Kanye due to smoke, lights and bleeped out lyrics so can’t comment.

By Koliah Bourne (@koliahb)