all american season four premiere recap


SHIFTER’s Kevin Bourne says the stories “unfolded frustratingly slow, but in the end it created a tension that was worth the wait” in his All American season four premiere recap.

The season three finale of All American left us with a lot of questions. Will Coop live or succumb to her gunshot wounds? What exactly does scary Carrie have up her sleeve and where is she taking Layla? Will Crenshaw high finally win that elusive state championship?

Well, the All American season four premiere answered some of those questions while posing a few more. At times, the different stories unfolded frustratingly slow, but in the end it created a tension that was worth the wait once got the answers we were looking for.

Here’s our All American season four premiere recap.

What does Carrie have up her sleeve?

The episode opens with Carrie standing on a ledge with Layla by her side as it’s made clear that she’s planning a double suicide. She grabs Layla’s hand in an attempt to convince her that this is what she wants. Fortunately, we find out it was just a dream as Layla wakes up in a panic.

Throughout the episode Layla is haunted by the exchange, but it’s still not clear what exactly happened that night. The whole incident forces Layla and her overcompensating father to finally address the elephant in the room about their relationship. After revealing to her father how unsafe she feels in his house, she finds comfort in staying with Liv and Jordan, revealing a budding romance between her and Jordan.

Does Coop live or die?

Every story is slowly revealed throughout the episode creating nerve wracking suspense and it’s the same for the story surrounding Coop. Spencer visiting a cemetery, Patience referring to her in past tense, and the seriousness of her condition and surgery indicate she probably didn’t make it, but if anyone can survive being shot in the chest at close range it’s Coop. Apparently, Mo didn’t make it, but you never know with her. She can always find a way to weasel her way back into the story at any moment.

Who wins the state championship?

The flashbacks continue as we learn who won the state championship. We won’t spoil it, but we will say that Jordan rebounds after his concussion and is playing better than ever. But with Spencer learning about Coop’s condition while on the sidelines, he must decide whether he’ll stand by his friend or continue playing in the most important game of his life.

The life altering decisions continue for Spencer as he approaches the deadline to commit to Toledo State. Will he stay with his family and friends who need him or think about his future?

This decision, the events of this episode and previous seasons force him to question whether he has a saviour complex. I think we know the answer, but we’ll see what he comes up with.

All American airs Mondays at 8pm EST on Showcase in Canada and on The CW in the United States.

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