© Scott Penner


Admittedly, I’m not in Fetty Wap’s general demographic. This became evident when I reached the show and was surrounded by a sea of high school aged or younger kids. That being said, it was a fun show. I went in without having an expectation for the performance and was pleasantly surprised by a few things.

Fetty Wap is an extremely charismatic stage presence. It didn’t hurt that he had a whole crew with him on stage that helped bring up the energy of the performance. Even when the crowd’s energy went down a bit, all he had to do was flash a smile and some dance moves and people got right back into it. Compared to his crew, he was energetic and dynamic in his performance without taking a break to slow down for his whole set.

The one thing that threw off the performance for me, personally, was the amount of guys on stage scowling at their phones while awkwardly taking videos for social media. It’s a stark contrast between a very talented frontman who has the whole crowd singing along and essentially a few human selfie sticks that unnecessarily occupied space.

After checking a few online videos I learned that this is unfortunately pretty common in the trap world which was a little disappointing. It would be nice if at the very least they got into the show so they didn’t stick out like a sore thumb so much.

The show as a whole was pretty fun. The crowd, including yours truly, definitely got excited for his big early hits Trap Queen and My Way. It was pretty satisfying to know a few songs after bobbing my head through the first half of the set only knowing bits and pieces of the songs.

I can definitely see why people were full-on sprinting to catch his set from across the field. With his addictive stage presence and actually knowing the words, it wasn’t hard to get your groove on during his performance. The flip side of this being, if you didn’t really know the songs it would likely be pretty difficult to get fully immersed into the show as the DJ used lots of mutes to help boost the crowd sing-a-long.

Overall, it was a cool experience seeing my first real trap concert as someone who’s not fully immersed in the culture of the genre. I can definitely say that if you were on the fence and decided not to go, you missed out on a really fun show and should try to catch him when he comes to your city.

 By Dylan Lenton