Toronto’s EverythingOShauN and Halifax-based, St. Lucia-raised rapper Kayo have come together to drop their new motivational trap single “Wylin'”.

Jointly produced by Toronto producers Xpress, aka DJXP, and former Noah “40” Shebib intern, 5PiECE, the song features 808s and simple yet dark minor piano chords providing the two rappers with the perfect backdrop to exchange confident yet mellow verses as they puff their chests out a bit and talk about their come-up while addressing their competitors and haters. Together they are bent on succeeding and pushing forward in the face of opposition despite the odds.

“This song, especially the hook, is really just talking about the way that me and all the people that rock with me are persevering in everything no matter all the distractions and detractors that come along the way”, he told SHIFTER. “It’s talking about how we are gonna keep fighting and keep wylin’ out despite what anyone else thinks. It’s a anti follow the rules song. Peep the opening line.”

“Wylin'” is available on all major streaming platforms.

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