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Ottawa’s very own Maurice Moore delivers a very solid offering for his debut album, The Amber Room, proving why he is one of R&B’s most exciting prospects. This album is fresh, smooth and enjoyable all at the same time. With his talents on full display, the album is by no means perfect, but it is a great introduction for Moore into this topsy turvy R&B world.

Maurice shows off his radio friendliness on tracks like “Little More” and “Yeah Yeah Yeah”. On the latter track he capitalizes on the current Afrobeat movement.

He breezes so easily and so smoothly on tracks like “Dreamer (Interlude)” and the opener “June 21st”.

Then we get to turn up with Maurice on the very catchy “Thotline”. “Having Fun” is another one that is very light and enjoyable.

Standout moments from the album include “Selfless”, “Justice” and “Brave/Time Travelling”.

The Amber Room Maurice Moore

See my track by track review below.

June 21st – Calm and breezy, very sweet and honest vocal. It’s a calming song about summer love, and a perfect way to start off this musical experience. Peep the Ottawa shout-out at the end!

Little More – Definitely a radio song. It’s a catchy head-bopper but not my fave.

Your Man – Very old school vibe and flow, it has that early 2000’s sound.

Dreamer Interlude – Now this song is very smooth, I love the jazzy feel and the velvety vocal on this interlude, encouraging dreamers to dream.

Thotline – This is the turn up song; a little “trappy”, but not too heavy. It’s a great song to enjoy with friends. Very catchy. This one sounds like a hit!

Having Fun – Not a standout, but still a fun song.

Selfless (ft. Jeff Sanon) – Great melody. It’s super catchy and has a very nostalgic feel. Many different elements coming together from voice texture to a staccato beat to make a great song. Absolutely one of my faves. Also includes an awesome verse and entry from Jeff Sanon.

Waste Man – A little corny, but still enjoyable.

Justice – I love this one! The breezy and confidently sung “Justice” almost feels like an interlude; one you don’t want to end.

Dancing on the Moon – This one reminds me of a Chris Brown song and not just because “moon” is in the title. The vocal styling and melodic element is similar to Breezy.

Brave / Time Travelling – The first part is very personal and beautifully sung. It contains real subject matter about figuring out “self”. The second part, “Time Travelling”, shows off Maurice’s rap skills and incredible flow. Dope. A little boastful, but hey, that’s hip-hop. Definitely a high point on this album.

Yeah Yeah Yeah – This is another radio-friendly track. It’s catchy and current as it incorporates today’s Afrobeat movement. Pretty danceable.

Beginning of the End– Another personal record, reminiscent of Drake.

Give this album a listen and support this young man repping our nation’s capital. “The Amber Room” is sure to put a smile on the modern R&B lover’s face.

I give this album a Silver rating.


By Nicky Jean

Nicky Jean is an Ottawa-based poet, singer and rapper, as well as a radio host at CHUO 89.1FM


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