Yesterday, Ottawa artist Night Lovell took to social media to announce the release of his new music video for “Alone”. True to its name, the Avery Stedman directed video shows Lovell out in the woods in solitude. We’re treated to a back and forth change of pace as we see Night Lovell at times standing and look into the camera, then speeding down a dirt road on an ATV, walking through the forest, then surrounded by flashing light. The song and video are very timely given the times we’re living in with a pandemic and social distancing.

The solitude depicted in the video is matched by the dark and menacing track, produced by Shaq France. In the song, Lovell conveys an experience felt by many who feel alone – being fed up but not feeling you can say anything to the people around you. He explores solitude at different levels, from his mother noticing he’s changed to his relationship with a girlfriend and his friends.

Lovell ends the song stating,

“I’m gettin’ older and I’m losin’ some friends
Thought they was my niggas, but they don’t make no sense”

Now we know why he’s in the forest alone.

“Alone” is available on all major streaming platforms.

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