Last night at midnight, Night Lovell dropped his latest album Just Say You Don’t Care. The 14-song project is a follow up to his 2019 release GOODNIGHT LOVELL and his first album since signing with G59 Records back in February.

The album features Lovell’s signature dark and haunting sound with heavy bass. It also has no features which isn’t exactly out of character for the enigmatic rapper. The slow and dark vibes are broken up with the more up tempo “Bottom Top”, “On The Hill”, and “Crawl” which is one of the standout songs on the project.

Rounding out the track list are previously released singles “Bottom Top”, “Counting Down The List” and “Alone”.

He addresses a variety of topics on the album, from seemingly being ahead of his time,

“Ayy, we don’t act the same ’cause I’m living in 2029, ayy
I done seen it all (It all), sometimes I had to crawl”


to knowing his purpose.

“I lost the surface, I don’t know my purpose
I promise it’s not what you viewing, ayy”

-“I Know Your Ways”

But of course, he still finds time to address those who may try to stand in his way.

Just Say You Don’t Care is available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen to “Just Say You Don’t Care”

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