spotify for artists


Spotify has announced changes to their Spotify for Artists service that could have a major impact on their platform and the industry at-large. Currently artists must go through a third-party service like Noname in order to upload music to Spotify. With the new changes artists will be able to upload music directly to the platform, lowering the barrier to entry, and perhaps competing with Soundcloud. According to Motley Fool, the changes mean artists will receive 50% of the net revenue generated on their music.

Spotify said in their announcement:

“Today, we’re announcing a new beta feature that enables independent artists to upload their music to Spotify — directly from Spotify for Artists.

Since we launched Spotify for Artists, one of the top requested features has been the ability to upload music directly onto Spotify. You’ve told us time and time again that sharing your work with the world should be easier. In the past few months, we’ve been testing an upload tool within Spotify for Artists, because we believe getting new music to your fans should be simple. Starting today we’re inviting more artists to participate in the beta

We worked with a handful of independent artists and labels — like NonameMichael BrunVIAA, and Hot Shade — to make sure we kept your needs in mind. Their feedback was instrumental in shaping the feature, and now we’re ready to see how a wider range of artists will put it to use.

How it works.

You’ll be able to deliver music straight to Spotify and plan for the perfect release day. You’ll see a preview of exactly how things will appear to listeners before you hit submit. And even after your music goes live, you’ll be in full control of your metadata with simple and quick edits.”

As stated in the announcement, the program is still in beta starting with select artists. Click here to read the full announcement.