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Toronto rapper Swagger Rite is back with his new eight-track EP, Detour. The project includes previous releases like “Heart Broke Rockstar Sh*t”, “Drugs and Love” featuring OVO Sound artist Roy Woods, and “Compton” featuring fellow Canadian Eva Shaw and Sha Hustle, with alongside four brand new tracks where he explores a variety of styles and genres.

There’s “Spicy” where he gives us some Reggae vibes, comparing his love interest to a scotch bonnet pepper. Then he slows is down with “Isolated” as his smooth vocals are accompanied by an equally smooth acoustic guitar. In this song his breaks away from the typical hip-hop formula to give us a stripped down social commentary on the world today.

The depth continues on “We Made It” as he goes back and forth between reminiscing on his youth and making it as an artist, and his future aspirations.

Then the Jane and Weston rapper takes us to his hood on “Weston Rd. Freestyle”. Rapping over a drill beat, he talks about life in the streets, including his own neighbourhood rapping, “I know all the killers from Jane and you know all my niggas on Weston”. The song was accompanied by some simple and clean visuals that contrast warm shot of him by himself and cool shots of him and the crew.

Listening to the project, it’s clear that Swagger Rite, draws inspiration from a number of genres, from hip-hop and trap tp R&B and pop, and it’s this diversity that keep him from being pigeon holed into any one genre or style.

“I don’t want people to press play on my project with pre-conceived expectations of what I should sound like”,  he explains. “I listen to all sorts of music, and I can make all sorts of music, and I want my fans to come along on this journey with me.”

Detour is available on all major streaming platforms.

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