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TRP.P is a dynamic and sultry duo from Toronto, Ontario who is breaking barriers within the Hip-Hop and RnB scene. The group, who has been making music together since 2015, is comprised of Truss (producer, singer/songwriter) and Phoenix (singer/songwriter). Their music often champions topics related to queer love, justice and their communities.

In honour of black history month, the duo has released a new single titled “Strong”, which encompasses speaking out against the “strong black woman/man” stereotype that continues to plague the black community. They turned the focus on how the term causes more harm than good, as it perpetuates the racist and also fatal narrative that “black people don’t feel pain” … Which is ridiculous, because of course black people feel pain.

The song has an old school 90’s vibe that it sure to keep you hooked, especially with its hard-hitting lyrics that do nothing but emphasize the realities of the constant injustices that black folks endure. The artists did not hold back with their words, as the songs starts off with Phoenix stating “I always wonder what they see when they look at me, what it is about me that makes them feel weak… It’s my strength”. She continues on, “They harassing me for black history, asking me how I feel, about having 28 days for the 28 ways they gon’ ask if my hair is real”.

TRP.P has already set the tone for the premise of their music, and this track just emphasizes their musical mission. It is great to witness black artists continuously breaking boundaries and speaking nothing but facts.

The song also touches on the disparity of Black Businesses in the now legal Marijuana industry. “It’s not lost on us how few black-owned businesses there are in comparison to the amount of blacks who have been criminally charged and incarcerated for marijuana use” says Truss, “This is why working with Vivianne was so important to us”.  The “Vivianne” that Truss is referring to is Vivianne Wilson; The first black woman to own a retail cannabis in Canada. Her store, Greenport, is featured in the “Strong” music video.

“Strong” is a passionate track that sheds light on how black people have been boxed into a harmful category that almost insinuates that we are not human beings. Truss and Phoenix are unapologetically shedding light on important issues that continue to plague the black community with their music, and the people are here for it. The dynamic duo has released a music video to go along with the song which can be viewed on Youtube, and “Strong” is available on all streaming platforms! Be sure to follow TRP.P on Instagram to keep up with their moves.


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