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I apologize, but I feel the need to kick game right now. This is for anybody striving to live that life where you wake up doing what you really love to do, so if that’s how you identify yourself, read up.

I’ve always looked at those “Support your friends like you support the celebrities you don’t know” posts as the realest thing anyone could post. Especially being a person who chose to pursue what I’m passionate about as opposed to conforming to the norm of society.

However, my mentality in regards to that has changed tonight entirely. I’ve realized that one of the most normal things in life is to want our communities and peers to support us in the things we do, especially when our dreams are involved. As fair as that is, I feel we avoid asking ourselves this question:

How can we expect support from a community or people we never took the time to build a strong and genuine relationship with to begin with?

Really take that in and actually ask yourself. I’ll put it like this. When you buy your favourite artist’s album or buy your favourite painter’s art, it’s not only about how the product makes us feel. What also satisfies us is the feeling of being part of something we feel is great and that stands for something special in our eyes.

The world is filled with males, females, transgenders, artists, photographers, politicians, CEOs and the list goes on. Many of us live with this misconception that jobs define who we are as individuals and that’s what I feel creates this wack segregation in humanity. Realistically, it’s who we ACTUALLY are outside of these jobs that makes us different individuals, or even similar. I’m now realizing that as much as we sometimes separate ourselves through religion, race, social status among other things, there’s one commonality that connects us all as human beings.

The desire to belong.

Without that desire, there most likely would be no gangs, no cults, no religion, no committees and things of that nature because one person could start these things but no one would feel the desire to be part of it. I could be wrong about this all but the way I see it, a lot of the things that separate us could be a good reason for why we should stick together and connect seeing as how we all relate in the struggle to achieve our goals and make the best out of our lives.

My whole point is if we’re going to dare to be passionate beings and follow our dreams to bring our ideas to life and inspire each other, lets work on breaking these societal barriers and just all network to build our communities with the objective of building and cultivating the city we’ve been dying to see grow and flourish. How much more time are we really trying to waste before we realize it’s too late? If you take the time to read all of this just to overlook it and not push to be the difference, you’re low-key playing yourself to be honest. So it’s your choice.

I’ve planted the seed, and I appreciate Chris Tchicaya for the talk and the knowledge that sparked this shit.

Let’s build something we can be proud of.

Written by Jeff Sanon

Jeff Sanon is a hip-hop artist from Ottawa, Canada.