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As Canada faces its historical and present day treatment of our Indigenous people Mohawk and West Indian singer-songwriter, Julian Taylor, says it’s time to embrace Indigenous teachings. Published with permission from the author.

I haven’t had much to say because I’m exhausted, over tired and broken down. When I speak to my mom she cries.

I’ve been thinking a lot and have many feelings while at the same time I am trying to wrap my own ideas around all that’s happened and is happening in the world around me.

What I can say is that I stand in solidarity with my kin.

One side of my family had their land stolen. The other was stolen from their land and brought here, creating not scars but deep traumatic damages to my family throughout the ages as result.

I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices that my ancestors and my family have had to make in order for me to have the privilege that I do.

Can we please tax the church? That institution is one of the richest in the world and should be taxed and retroactively—all the way back to its inception if possibly.

There should be a fund created that’s probably worth billions and given back to the marginalized who have had so much taken away from them. Their children, their language, their culture and land have all been stripped away and I think the fund should be used to help rebuild their culture and languages which would in turn help strengthen future families while honouring their ancestry.

Everyone can see it. The earth is burning and a deadly plaque has swept across our planet. Unmarked graves are scattered across this nation and the truth of evil doings and the wrongful ways to treat one another exposed for us see.

It all seems so obvious to me. If the human race is to survive then we must go back to our ancient ancestors’ teachings.

Indigenous teachings where we were once in balance with the natural world around us. Everyone can learn from these teachings.

We’ve all inherited this earth and it has occurred that these spirit voices who have been silenced for so long are here now to warn us, to teach us and to show us what we have lost and forgotten—to tell us the truth. They are here to help us reflect so that we discontinue harming each other.

It’s true that some times people hear better when it’s the dead talking.

So please listen. We don’t have much more time. Nia:wen

Julian Taylor is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter of West Indian and Mohawk descent

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