Thorgan Releases Comeback Single

A French-Danish artist emerging into R&B? Well, that’s fairly unheard of. However, it’s exactly what Thorgan is doing. This independent artist has already gained lots of traction from his debut album “TENEBRIS” which features artists such as 12AM and Limi. “TENEBRIS” gained over 1.7 million streams which gave Thorgan a promising start in R&B. Recently, Thorgan has released his comeback single titled “Demons in Paris.” The song’s title already gives you a feel for the song, which is dark, 808 heavy and lusty. The single was created during Paris Fashion Week, and this event was Thorgan’s main inspiration for “Demon’s in Paris.” 


It is seamlessly produced by Instinct and Abare with the vocals and beat blending well together. The popular artist Aaryan Shah acted as co-writer to help craft this single. The lyrics encapsulate Thorgan’s experiences during Fashion Week and especially the night scene in the city of love. The eye-catching cover art by Deathbydna is perfectly suited for the single. The female silhouettes decorated with devil horns gaze out into Paris ablaze with the Eiffel Tower at the center of the chaos. This adds to the gloomy but glamorous mood of “Demons in Paris.” The cover art peaks curiosity since Paris is often seen as a dreamy, ideal city. Deathbydna chose to contradict this idea by making Paris appear as though it was in the midst of an apocalypse. 


Thorgan’s vocals are impeccable for this track. He’s able to melodically rap, while still being understandable and showing off an impressive vocal range. “TENEBRIS” meaning “dark” in Latin was a perfectly suited name for his breakout album. 

Thorgan successfully kept his theme of music consistent with “Demons in Paris.” He was able to show off what he creates best. Which are dark, cinematic R&B tunes, and we can’t wait to hear what comes next for Thorgan.