Delphine Saint-Fort, A voice for the voiceless


Tonight members of the SHIFTER Magazine team attended A Voice for the Voiceless; an exhibition by Canadian artist Delphine Saint-Fort. The collection was a celebration of a few firsts for the artist- her first exhibition, as well as her first time experimenting with photography. Her creativity and use of different textures was in full display as she blended different mediums, including photography, paint and applying materials like newspaper and cardboard boxes.

Saint-Fort explains the concept stating:

How often do we miss things that are right in front of us? This concept of being “Overlooked” is what inspired me for my new collection of art. I want to bring visual awareness to a subject that can often be overlooked in the art world: homelessness. I am passionate about communicating visually, about connecting with people emotionally through my art. Now, I can share this topic that is close to my heart with others.

Her creativity was only a means to an end though as her ultimate objective was to shed light and express her perspective on a subject close to her heart- homelessness. With names like I Bet You Can’t Hit Me With A Quarter and This Is My Home, referring to a cardboard box, her pieces were real and honest and made you examine your own perspective on the homeless. She also challenged those in attendance to help her in addressing this issue, accepting donations on behalf of the Ottawa Mission.

It’s refreshing to see an up and coming artist using art as it was meant to be used; to provoke thought and help people see the world around them from a different perspective.

Saint-Fort, a student of the Ottawa Art School, is a promising young Canadian artist you should definitely keep an eye on.

A Voice for the Voiceless continues through to October 30th at the Lorraine Fritzi Yale Gallery in Ottawa.

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