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Can art be fashion? Can fashion be art? The answer is yes. As artisans gathered for an event like no other and first of its kind in Ottawa. The evening consisted of thought-provoking and visual spectacles of fashion presented by local designers. Music provided by Blast the Radio enhanced the night market as well as a delectable selection of appetizers provided by Savour Italy.

Attendees were treated to a showcase hosted by the lovely Miss Barbara Laurenstin. The show featured nine different designers, all presenting their own eclectic brands of clothing and accessories. As models strutted their stuff on the catwalk, genres ranged from Gothic inspired looks, to steampunk, to masquerade costumes. Designers such as Sabrina Jade, Bombshell Revival, ES Essentials and Co. among others, were on the ball in highlighting their own creations. Liz Atmore-Vitals had a range of bold and vibrant handbags detailed with eccentric artwork, illustrating stories of places, people and culture. The use of watercolors, acrylics, pastels and collage made these bags a must have for adults and children alike.

Audience members were enthralled with burlesque performances by the talented Randi Rouge and Rhapsody Blue courtesy of Dance with Alana studios. Randi Rouge captivated viewers with her cheeky and flirtatious gestures, gaining a kiss or two from viewers. It was her sweet but sultry demeanour that shook things up during intermission. With five years of Burlesque experience under her belt, the riveting Rhapsody Blue closed the evening with her sexy and suggestive dance moves. She commanded the stage with her presence, using an array of dance styles, specializing in Broadway style burlesque as her charm and beauty shined through.


The market was surrounded with locals who were eager to browse the vendor booths. A decorative and sensationally sweet display over at Sue’s Sweets provided a sample selection of bite sized cupcakes. The stand out artist of the night was Dragonfly Studio. Jacquelyn Trowell is an artist and graphic designer who creates her one-of-a-kind paintings using pencil, charcoal, watercolor, pastels, acrylic or oil paint. Not only are her images mesmerizing, the use of colours and detail are thought-provoking, while capturing human emotions. Many of her displays depicted a sense of strength, femininity and sensuality.

Another stand out display of the night was an art abandonment project initiated by Ottawa artists Jill Dodd and Jane Hubbard. According to them, “The Memory Dress Project celebrates the unique creativity of each participant and how we are influenced and changed by the individuals we meet throughout life and the memories we make.” Passerby’s were encouraged to draw and attach their own creations to the dress. As Fashion In Art 613 concluded, the artists will remove each individual piece from the dress in the weeks to come and the art will be left for strangers to discover and keep for themselves. “Each memory, whether painful or joyous, will be let go and shared with whoever may find it and pick it up, thus becoming part of their memory.”

As Fashion In Art 613 came to a close, it’s evident that this event proved itself to be distinctive. This was an opportunity for creative minds to join together. Not only for local artist to showcase their works and talents, but most importantly, expressing what they’re truly passionate about. If there’s one common outlook that stood out, it’s that each of us has a distinctive style; each of us has our own individuality. This reflected in personal visions and inspirations for what Art and Fashion truly means for locals in Ottawa. If it wasn’t said before, it can be said now; “Fashion can be art, and art can be fashion.”

Lisa Martel