Last week SHIFTER Magazine attended The INDI Grand Clothing Design Show held in the Tabaret Building at the University of Ottawa. The show featured talented and creative up-and-coming designers looking to make their mark on the fashion industry. The INDI, which stands for The Independant Novel Design Initiative, is a creative collective made of designers, artists and community members dedicated to raising Ottawa’s art scene and aims to platform independent designers, artists and performers through holding events such as showcases, exhibits and design shows.


The Grand Clothing Design Show was hosted by hip-hop/R&B artist SORU, who also performed along with violinist Gillian Carrabre, pianist Daniel Tselyakov and singer Melissa Vales. Along with the fashion show, the show broke from the traditional mold by also featuring a creative dramatic play directed by organizer and designer Elsa Ebada where he showcased his eccentric futuristic line. After the show, attendees were able to meet and connect with some of the designers and also had an opportunity to purchase pieces from their collections. “I didn’t want to just do a fashion show because it was really surface and didn’t say anything, which kind of just shows you stuff and then you go home”, Elsa told SHIFT following the show.

“I think most of the things I do is because I want to make something for people who don’t usually have things or they find a lack of things that are there for them, so really The INDI is for weird people, or just outsiders…it’s full of artists and eccentrics and people trying to experience life”.

The fashion designers:

Elsa Ebada

Meagan Black

Julianne Buchholz

Babes & Gents // Zargara

HBR Chic and Unique

Sara Ammoun

Samia Farah

Kristie Lance

Nicole and Dhayna Lemay

Check our our photos from The INDI Grand Clothing Design Show below.

By Daniele Ramdial, Style Editor

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