SHIFTER’s Artist of the Month for April is hip-hop artist JKing. The Ottawa-based artist and MLB member displays exemplary lyricism and word manipulation in his art. His delivery and effortless flow allow listeners to be captivated by the messages he puts out in his music. His confidence in his musical abilities are strongly reinforced through his versatility and his ability to use different melodies to formulate his unique sound.

Artist Name: JKing

City/Country: Ottawa, Canada

Social media/links:

Apple Music

Art form/creative discipline: Rap/Hip-Hop Artist

What has been your biggest creative/professional accomplishment so far? 

Placement on Northern Bars on “Feel” with Freddy Printz.

Who are your biggest creative inspirations?

My own team, Major League. J Cole, Meek Mill, Drake

If money wasn’t an option I’d be…

Still making music and enjoying life.

In 5 years I will be…

Representing my art on a global scale with global recognition.

Something everyone should know about me is…

I’m very ambitious and determined when I set my mind to something.

If I could give one piece advice to my fellow creators it would be…

Always have faith in what your creating and stay true to your art!

Recent and upcoming projects:

Untold Stories – December 2019

League Ambitions – April 20, 2020

League Ambitions, Part II – May 18, 2020

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