Odunsi Oladimeji


One of the benefits of being an active Instagram user is that you get a front row seat into the creativity happening around you. I’m especially impressed with the creativity of young people today. With the power of DSLR cameras, social media, smartphone cameras, and photo editing apps, this generation has access to tools that only the pros could afford 10 years ago.

I recently came across a young Instagrammer, @Oladimeg aka Odunsi Oladimeji, from Ottawa, Canada who impressed me with his street and urban photography; my cup of tea. Odunsi says of his art, “My works are just a way of me expressing myself and seeing things from another perspective.”

Here are some shots from this young creative. Keep up the good work, Odunsi!

Oladimeg1- Oladimeg2 Oladimeg3 Oladimeg4-7154

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