From music and art to YouTube and film, creativity is the driving force in influencing culture and producing the content that we consume everyday. This is why we’re launching our Creator Profile feature on our website. Every so often we’ll be introducing you to up-and-coming talent in our network.

Our first profile is on Swiss actor, photographer, and sometimes model, Régis Luka. You’ve seen his photographs on our website and you will be hearing a lot about him in the future. Aside from his creativity, he’s also known for his sense of style. We recently had the opportunity to catch up with him for a photo shoot. Get to know Régis below.

Name : Régis Luka, actor and photographer

Home base : Geneva, Switzerland

Past and present creative icons : I would say Caroline Watson; she is the one who dresses up others icons. She is a celebrity stylist and I just love her work. The only other people I looked up to are actors like Whoopi Goldberg, Sandra Bullock, Ryan Gosling and many others. Since his come back, I can add Justin Timberlake. They are all inspiring people by their career and their style.

What creativity means to me: For me creativity is a projection of who I am and how I see the world around me. Creativity allows us to give birth to something that is waiting inside of us. For me it’s a powerful tool to communicate and change things. Creativity is an ability that makes me able to work for turning an idea or something imaginative into something real that will have it’s place in our world.

Place where I feel the most creative : In my room or any other quiet place, as long as I can hear my thoughts. In a movie theater too! It’s not really quiet but I always feel very creative there.

Favorite creative outlet : My favorite ways to express myself are by photography and acting, when I’m interpreting a character.

What inspires me to create : pretty much everything! I can watch something random, a movie, or anything else and be inspired to write something, or have an idea for a photoshoot. But what inspires me the most are people and music. When I have a lack of inspiration I listen some music and watch people walking in the street. That seems boring but it works well.

If money wasn’t an option I would : I would produce my own movie and probably open my artistic agency for coaching and promoting artists from my generation. That would be the start of many other projects I would do.

Profile :

Régis Luka is a Swiss actor, model and photographer. He started his career in Geneva where he had the chance to work on different artistic projects including films for a Swiss movie festival and a few theater productions. At the end of his undergraduate studies, he decided to move to Ottawa, Canada to finish college and work on new projects as an actor. During his three years in Canada, he had the opportunity to work on two short films and to meet passionate people who motivated him to keep working in the art area. After getting his diploma as a specialized educator, Régis decided to go back to switzerland and to focus on his artistic career. He is now working as an actor and also as a photographer for Swiss models. Later this year he will be going to Los Angeles for three months to attend an acting workshop and to work on photography projects. Find out more about Régis at studio17agency.com.

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