Anomaly dropped back in September and debuted at number one on the Billboard200 chart and on the Top Gospel album chart and was also number one on iTunes and Amazon charts overall- quite an accomplishment for a so called “Christian Rapper”. Lecrae continues to stray from that title as he talks about social justice and real life issues while his perspective on God and the world comes out in his music.

The first track “Outsiders” gives an intro to what the albums theme is which is being different from society – an Anomaly. On the track “Nuthin” produced by Gawvi, Lecrae addresses his frustrations with the current state of hip-hop where he is obviously referencing the negative messages that is all too popular in current mainstream hip-hop. It went on to be nominated for the BET 2014 Hip-Hop awards in the category of best Impact track.

Anomaly is Lecrae’s seventh studio album and you can clearly see the progression in his music. Gravity was a classic album but I think that Anomaly is definitely a step up where he continues to showcase his rapping and lyrical ability while spitting a message that is uplifting and real.


Review by: Daniele Ramdial

Dan Ramdial is the Technical Director of SHIFT Magazine. Originally from the Caribbean island of Trinidad. Dan studied Communications Engineering at Carleton University and has experience as a QA Software Analyst. He’s also an avid Manchester United fan.