Tasman Jude












After listening to the first few tracks on Green you can see why this album was number one on the iTunes Canada Reggae charts, even surpassing Bob and Ziggy Marley. It’s clear that Tasman Jude was inspired by the sound and lyrics of the First Family of Reggae. Tracks like Green (Zion), Fugue State, Freedom Is Rising, and All We Need (One Love) make you feel like you’ve gone back in time to Jamaica in the 1970’s when music was simple yet impactful.

Despite being inspired by the Marley clan, they make it clear that they also have a sound of their own. The self-titled track “Tasman Jude” can only be described as acoustic calypso with rapid fire lyrics that are guaranteed to get you moving. On “Follow Your Dreams” they drop the traditional Reggae sound and infuse a little rock as they inspire us to believe in ourselves and work hard.

Overall, this is one of the better Reggae albums that I’ve heard in awhile. As with the classic Reggae that we all know and love, Tasman Jude has found the balance between religious undertones and a universal message that everyone can relate to.


Review By: Kevin Bourne

Kevin Bourne is co-founder and publisher of SHIFTER Magazine. Born and raised in Toronto, Kevin currently resides in Ottawa with his wife and two children. Before SHIFTER he worked in communications in the Parliament of Canada and is currently the leader of the media team at Kingdom Culture Ministries.