The Bob Marley One Love Experience is making its North American debut in Toronto. Here’s what you can expect.

Bob Marley fans in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond are beginning to descend on the Bob Marley One Love Experience―an immersive exhibit celebrating the life and music of the global Jamaican icon.

Here are three things to look forward to at the Bob Marley One Love Experience.

1. Immersive experience

From the time you enter the exhibit you can tell this is a different kind of experience as there’s something for almost all the senses.

There’s a visual experience as you get a chance to see important artifacts, including his guitar, platinum and diamond plaques, and intimate photographs. There’s an audio experience in the form of a silent disco where you can listen to some of Marley’s iconic tracks. There’s the calming and lush One Love Forest reflects the beauty of Jamaica. As you go through the experience, you really get the feeling that you’re being transported back in time into Bob Marley’s world. There’s even a smoke machine creating a hazy feeling as you take in the experience.

Right before you leave, there’s also an opportunity for you to interact with the show by leaving a message on the One Love Tree and interpreting what you just experienced.

2. Beyond music

The experience isn’t just about the music―it’s a celebration of the things he loved most, including music, Jamaica, sports, religion, and family. Aside from the audio-visual musical experiences and the odes to Jamaica, a whole section is dedicated his love of sports, including table tennis and soccer. They even have a pair of his shoes on display that still has dirt on the soles.

The exhibit ends with the Next Gen Zone, showing his legacy in the form of his family, including the One Draw Garden celebrating Rita Marley and photos of his children. It’s in this section that you really get to see his legacy as an artist and man.

3. Fan love

Not only does the exhibit allow you to see Marley through the eyes of those who knew him closely, but through the eyes of fans.

The Concrete Jungle Street Art Expo features fan art, including works from the world famous Mr. Brainwash, in a variety of artistic styles, from word cloud art to street art.

They also recreated a fan bedroom with lava lamps, Bob Marley art on the walls, and music playing. The room has a chair that allows you to sit and take in your surroundings. Again, the section allows you see and experience Marley through the eyes of his fans who played a major role in keeping his legacy and music alive.

Take in the experience

What the experience will leave you with is a deeper and more intimate knowledge of Bob Marley, beyond the music. Although Marley didn’t pursue greatness, the experience may also leave you wondering about your own legacy and inspire you to pursue greatness and impact in whatever you do.

The Bob Marley One Love Experience is located at Lighthouse ArtSpace at 1 Yonge Street in Toronto. For more information about the Bob Marley One Love Experience visit

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