Now that Summer is in full swing, we need to be on point for the most relaxing season of the year without looking too relaxed. Here are five tips to easily upgrade your style this Summer.


This is probably the most important one. You can choose the best pieces and have the best style ever, but if your clothes are too big or even too tight, all people are going to notice is this common style mistake.

I know with the heat we like to wear larger clothes to give ourselves some breathing room and oversized clothing is super cool right now, it’s made that way for a reason. Your clothes should follow your natural body shape without being too big or too tight.


I’ll start by saying that I don’t have anything against slides and flip flops, some of them are really cool, but not for all occasions. My advice: keep your nice collection for the beach or for an afternoon by the pool with your friends.

I would even say don’t wear them downtown. It automatically gives your style a sloppy kind of vibe. Not to mention how important shoes are. Not only do they complete your style, but they also tell a lot about who you are.

Instead of slides or flip flops try a comfy pair of modern slippers or boat shoes. And most important, don’t choose your most amazing pair of flip flops for your next date. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.


For sure, plain colored clothes are very important, they’re even a must have, but for summertime we like to see more colour. Nothing too complicated here. I’m sure you already know at least one or two colours that go well with your skin tone.

Here’s something you can do if you’re not sure (even when you’re shopping). Take two different colour shirts and standof a mirror. Place the first one under your face for a few seconds and watch how you react. Does the colour make your skin tone brighter? Does it accentuate your black circles or some redness? Then do the same with the second shirt and note the difference. Repeat this method two or three times in a row, carefully watching your face. Then choose the colour that’s the most appropriate for you.

(Photo credit: Nifty Genius)

If printed clothing is something new to you, it’s okay to take baby steps. Start with a little printed scarf, then a printed shirt or a printed pair of pants. You can even mix two printed pieces together as long as they’re in the same colour range or in the same style. If you don’t want to go too crazy, pair your printed short with a plain colour shirt for example.

4. USE ACCESSORIES (perfumes too)

It’s easier to have a more complete outfit during wintertime because we can use layering to give more dimension to our look, but with the high summer temperatures it would be crazy to wear three layers of clothes just for style.

So, it’s the moment to use rings, necklaces, straps, watches, hats, and sunglasses. They can add dimension to your simple jean and t-shirt combination. Just don’t go too crazy and wear too many straps and rings on one arm.

Now let’s talk about perfume. No need to empty your whole bottle of Scorpio cologne, but choose a fresher and lighter one that will be perfect for summer. One of my favourites is Neroli Portofino Acqua from Tom Ford. It smells like a sunny day on a boat in the south of Italy.


Your socks aren’t supposed to be seen when you’re wearing shorts, unless you’re a teenager, but if you’re a grown-up man it’s a big no-no.

Wearing a nice short while showing your socks up to your ankles just isn’t a good look. Instead chose invisible socks. Nothing more to say, it gives a cleaner style.

We could add a lot more tips to this list, but if you master these ones, your style will instantly be improved.  Now you’re ready to rock your summer look like a superstar!

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