Tyler Perry's Sistas Season 5 Episode 14
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Zatima and Karen talk child support, Preston asks Danni an important question, and Maurice is growing impatient. Here’s our Tyler Perry’s Sistas Season 5 Episode 14 recap.

Zatima and Karen go head-to-head (to head)

The episode opens at Zatima’s house as they talk with Karen about the baby and child support. Zac offers her $3000 per month, but she turned it out. Karen then drops the news that Zac is, in fact, the father. Zatima is trying to be cool with Karen, but she’s mad petty. She responds that the baby is going to have two fathers because Aaron will be staying by her side.

Before Karen leaves, she drops one more sly remark—“Fatima, I really wish you well in this struggle.” Petty.

Fatima calls her out for throwing shade. Karen admits she doesn’t like seeing them happy. She goes on a tirade about their house, pictures and desk pissing her off before she notices the engagement ring.

Once she’s gone, Zac cries as he asks whether Fatima still wants to marry him with all the mess he’s in. She admits she still has a ways to go in being okay with everything because of what happened to her in the past, but she’s almost there.

The embrace as tears roll down their faces. End scene. Zatima got a good 15 minutes of screen time to start the episode and a great 15 minutes it was.

Karen then pulls up to the basketball court to see Aaron and to thank him for being consistent. After he sees something’s up with her, she tells him what happened with Zac and Fatima. Another great scene this week from Aaron and Karen. We’ll see if I give them an up tomorrow

Later at the Zatima house, they finally open the envelope to find Heather is asking for $500,000 as a settlement for allegedly being pregnant with Zac’s baby.

Maurice wants out

Maurice calls Calvin to ask if Sabrina talked to Andi. It seems like he’s a little salty that Sabrina is out “in the land of the free”. Calvin is going to connect him with Andi to get him a lawyer. He wants Andi’s phone number (and a man).

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The Sistas together again

Danni walks into Andi’s penthouse to find Gary standing their naked. Danni drops some sly one liners about his nakedness (and his penis) before Sabrina walks in. Danni lets her know Calvin is growing on her. Sabrina fills her in on Calvin almost killing Que without telling her it’s her co-worker from the airport.

When Andi spills the tea on the meeting with Zatima when Karen walks in. Karen wants to know if Andi knew they were engaged leading her to question Andi’s loyalty.

They then set their focus on Sabrina who learns that the prosecutor really has it out for Andi not her.

Danni gives the girls an update on Preston, their somewhat reconciliation and the engagement ring that fell out of his pocket.

We haven’t had many of these scenes where all the Sistas are together. This scene brings viewers back to what made many of us fall in love with the show in earlier seasons. It also brings all the storylines out in the open and ties everything together.

Preston pops the big question

Danni returns home and finds Preston talking to the “other woman” he was about to propose to. When Danni asks him about the ring, Preston says the ring is hers and not the other woman’s. He gets down on one knee with Danni responding, “What the hell?” setting up the story for next week.

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