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ottawa gatineau international auto show
Photo credit: Jenna Drover/SHIFTER


You can expect only the hottest and best on wheels rolling into the Shaw Centre this weekend for the Ottawa Gatineau International Auto Show.

As a celebration of car culture, the show features supercars, electric cars, hydrogen cars, and movie cars — as well as all our favouite models of trucks and SUVS.

With a total of 29 dealers and more than 300 cars on display during the four day auto show, you can expect to see some high-end names like Jaguar, Mazarati, and Lamborghini, including other dealers like Ford, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota. All have an impressive collection of new vehicles for car, truck, and even motorcycle lovers to see.

This is an opportunity for attendees to ask dealers questions about their cars, and to easily compare prices and models, says Rick Walker, an organizer of the auto show.

The two main features of the show you need to be sure to check out are the Porsche 911 and the Jeep Gladiator — but that’s only the tip of the iceburg.

The eighth generation Porsche 911 will make drool start pooling as this beauty of a model has been part of the essence of the brand throughout its history, making it a truly timeless to the brand. Featuring a completely new remodel with new interior is what brings this classic sports car to the digital possibilities of today — the 911 gives a whole new meaning to “crusing in style.”

The Jeep Gladiator is completely changing the game in how they want us to think of a Jeep. After a 26-year absence — in which fans begged for its revival  — the Jeep pickup truck is finally making a comeback. Jeep has basically added a box to the back of the classic Wrangler, and it gives a much more heavy duty appeal to the off-road vehicle. The new pickup looks like what Dwayne Johnson would be if he were a truck.

Featuring more than just vehicles, the auto show also has driving simulators that uses VR technology and Forza to make you really feel like the next Chase Elliot. And for those who don’t feel like getting behind the wheel, you can opt to play as a hockey goalie using VR and a real goalie stick.

With so much new things to see and do on all four floors, the Hollywood Star exhibit brings you back to the nostalgic past held towards vehicles. Paying tribute to famous movies like Fast & Furious, Smokey & The Bandit, Jeepers Creepers, Mad Max and more, there is plenty of familiar machinery to get you giddy.

Be sure to check out the auto show while it runs through until Sunday, with admission costs ranging from $7 to $17 per person.