New Balance Ottawa
Photo credit: Jenna Drover/SHIFTER


New Balance has opened its newest location in Ottawa’s very own CF Rideau Centre — marking their sixteenth store opening in Canada.

Located on the second floor right across from La Senza, the store has charming brick wall accents with leather cushions to try on shoes. The interior decor creates a sense of subtlety, which captures the true essence of a classic New Balance store.

The decision to bring the much loved exercise apparel brand to the capital was long overdue, and we can expect to see another exclusive Ottawa shoe in the near future to be sold only at this location.

“There are some in the pipeline,” says head manager Steven Berry about the hushed collaboration. “But we do have some specifics that are coming to Ottawa, with a pretty unique look coming up.”

New Balance performance footwear specifically designed for athletic activities such as running, walking, tennis, training and basketball. Styles for men, women and kids are available in many different sizes, and the store will also feature a full line of New Balance high-performance apparel and athletic accessories.

According to Berry, some of the most popular items include the lifestyle 997 shoe, the performance hanzo S sneaker, and their comfortable, yet active, leggings — all available for both women and men’s fitting.

But we can’t forget the elephant in the room.

After the quiet release of Kawhi Leonard’s collaboration with New Balance last month, we all want to get a up-close look of his new sneakers. On the companies’ basketball Instagram account the brand debuted the six different OMN1S sneakers, with close-ups of the six different colours coming soon.

In early 2020 — and specifically the first quarter of the year — you can expect to see a vast supply of Leonard’s new sneaker at the Rideau location, according to store owner Sean McGrath. New Balance is seriously dipping its feet into basketball merchandise for the first time, while also offering to help create exactly what Kawhi Leonard intends for his shoe.

The basketball star will make history as the face of New Balance’s push into the untouched territory — and everyone is ecstatically anticipating to try on a pair of their own.