Tegan and Sara


If I had to describe Tegan and Sara’s Bluesfest performance in one word it would have to be “happy”. Not only because of their indie pop sound but also their pink and baby blue inflatable “T&S” stage decor. The whole thing screamed fun and happiness.

They started their set with a cover of the Pointer Sisters classic I’m So Excited which was sprinkled with some slight Reggae influences. After upbeat hits like Back In Your Head, Goodbye, Goodbye and Alligator, the duo added a personal touch, telling stories about their journey as musicians, before going into a few stripped down songs, including Nineteen and Call It Off, which showed off how well they compliment each other as vocalists and performers.

The pair got even more inspirational as they performed Hang On To The Night, a song dedicated to the LGBT community.

They then closed out the show by going back to the upbeat Boyfriend and their huge hit Closer.

Hands down my favourite song of the show was U-Turn. It just simply has a great melody and the intro actually reminds me a bit of Jay-Z’s Sunshine. Yes, an odd comparison.

Although you’d have to be hiding under a rock to have not heard of Tegan and Sara, before this performance I hadn’t gone through enough of Tegan and Sara’s work to have expectations about the show but I was pleasantly surprised. Actually I was quite impressed.

Mainly because there were no gimmicks to their performance; they are who they are and it’s quite refreshing. They’re comfortable in their own skin, and you see it with their sexuality, their message, and their music. With some artists you can pinpoint someone in the industry they sound like, but not with these sisters. They have their own sound and their own lane.

Second, because of the level of artistry, from the musicianship to the songwriting. They flat out make good songs; songs that make you feel good but also have meaning. With some performers they themselves are the star of the show; everything is built around how well they dance or how much they sweat. With Tegan and Sara, the music itself is allowed to be the star of the show.

Lastly, because they seem so down to earth. They look like the kind of people you want to hang out with, and you actually feel like they’d want to hang out with you because they’re able to connect with their fans in such a personal and effortless way.

Tegan and Sara came to Bluesfest to hang out with their thousands of fans in the city and they’re leaving with at least one more.

Kevin Bourne_Author2