Five months after the release of their smash “Puff Daddy”, Calgary hip-hop crew Y.S.R is back with their latest single “Floss”. Accompanied by some newly released visuals, the Zikino Beats produced track is an all out flex, promoting a flashy lifestyle as well as the unique sound of the west.

“The song is us being real cocky about our style and how we have a way with the females”, they told SHIFTER. “It’s also an indicator to the people in our city that nobody does it better than us.”

Directed by Munachimso and 99films, the video follows the same theme, depicting life in Alberta’s largest city.

“The concept of the the video was quite a simple one and projects the lifestyle of young people in the west. It reflects a lifestyle we see ourselves living in for the rest of our lives”, they explained. “It also shows that we’re better than the next guy, whether it’s how we have a way with women, how good we look, and how nice our music is. It’s a really braggadocios approach.”

In light of recent social issues facing the Black community, group members Esco, Sammy T, and Swazy made sure the video also projected Black women in a positive light, didn’t promote any violence, and portrayed young talented black men living a lifestyle worth emulating.

“Floss” is available on all major streaming platforms.

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