After a brief hiatus, hip-hop artist Cheko Salaam has returned releasing back to back music videos titled “Convalenscence” and “Celebrate”. The two videos speak of slow processes and cognitive dissonance, especially in today’s political and social climate.

“Convalescence” appeared on Cheko Salaam’s December 2018 release Thirst Trap

“‘Convalenscence’ introduces a work many men are in need of learning – the slow, non-linear process of healing from an injury,” the Missing LinX and Tapas member explains. “In a time where speed and immediate gratification reigns supreme, we must remember the slow violence, and therefore the slow healing, required to ‘convalesce’ from deep inter-generational wounds.”

The video includes scenes of Salvadorian-born emcee visiting Tenochtitlan (modern day Mexico City), Indigenous flying dancers of Mesoamerica calling for the end of drought, juxtaposed with depictions of a glorious historical past which now lives in a museum.

Meanwhile, “Celebrate” explores the question of celebration in 2020, a difficult year for many in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, increased racial tension, and political instability. The video shows Cheko and his friends celebrating while watch the Toronto Raptors, all in the midst of a dark cloud and dark tones. The video forces viewers to ponder some very important questions about life in 2020.

“How do we celebrate without forgetting those who can’t? Do we celebrate life even during a time when death is edging closer into every conversations?”

The back to back video drop is a lead up to the upcoming release of his collaborative album with producer and fellow Tapas member Jeepz, currently titled “The Migrant Report”. No release date has been set.

Click the header image above to check out the visuals for “Celebrate”. Click here for the visuals for “Convalescence”.

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