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Just in time for Mother’s Day, today Toronto-based, Ottawa-raised hip-hop artist City Fidelia released a new song called “Mama Knows”, the first single off his upcoming album. While the song opens with a real life conversation between Fidelia and his mother (with the two sharing a laugh), it is really a celebration of all mothers who have persevered and held it down for their children.

The song also tackles some hard issues like his mother’s reaction to his brother’s cocaine use, and provides a glimpse into what it is like to grow up in a Caribbean home in Canada. In the second verse Fidelia recalls having to run for his life when his mother went to get the belt; something most Caribbean children can relate to.

City says of his latest release, “This is more than just a ‘single’. This is a celebration. This is a celebration for the mothers that didn’t give up on us when society did. A celebration to all the mothers that do what they have to do in order to keep the lights on and put food on the table. A celebration to all the mothers that took the risk to move to a foreign country without knowing what the odds were but still persevered to give us a better way of living…Right now I am building my home (album). I felt it was right to start with my foundation”.


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Mixed by busy Ottawa producer and engineer 613tino, the single is City Fidelia’s first release since his highly successful “4/4” collaboration with Eva Shaw. Fidelia will also be releasing a video for the song produced by Jonathan Degousée and Matthew Muszalski.

Fans may not have to wait too long for more music as City Fidelia’s album is set to be released later this year.

“Mama Knows” is available on all platforms.