San Diego producer Desren has teamed up with Ottawa artists Swisha T and Jstn Dmnd on his recent single “Dusk Till Dawn”. On the track, Desren takes time to address his haters and his love for money, as the two Ottawa rappers also talk about their grind and the haters they’ve attracted along the way.

In the first verse, Swisha raps,

“7:30, get up bright and early, that’s the way I like it
Workaholic, everyday I’m writing, they been hating on me but they never like me
They don’t really understand me, I just do this for my family, I don’t really got a plan B”

Then Jstn Dmnd chimes in stating,

“Yeah, day and night got me faded, put in work and I made it
All of these tracks I’m filling my plate with
Got me on track to be one of the greatest
Feel like I’m gone, I’m out of my mind, don’t tell me “be patient”, I got no time
I’m not your kind, I’m on fire, move with caution across that line, yeah
I’m grinding every day and night, baby ’cause this all I know
Getting money, now that’s all I want”

The single has been featured on Trap City, already amassing just over 35K streams on their YouTube platform in just two days.

Desren and Jstn Dmnd also teamed up on a new single “Addys” alongside Cypress born, Dallas raised and now Canada-based rapper, Big Zee.

“Dusk Till Dawn” is available on all major streaming platforms.


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