Freddy Printz is a staple in the Ottawa hip-hop music scene and has subsequently been expanding since the beginning of 2020 with a renewed vigor in his talents both musically and visually.

Fresh off the release of his highly anticipated single for “Feel Like,” Freddy Printz has kept heads on a swivel when he dropped the buoyantly flowing single produced by frequent collaborator and Harlem-based producer Austin Marc. Now offering his audience a taste of what they want, Freddy Printz accompanies the melodic cadences with eye-catching visuals to have viewers immersed in the oozing charisma he drives home.

Mixed by audio engineer MixedByOTR, “Feel Like” immediately sets the tone in a fusion of old school hip-hop hues meeting the new wave in a fashionable manner. Freddy Printz is well-known for the relatability that he sprinkles into the songs he releases as he pulls his fanbase in with relevant substance they can metaphorically sink their teeth into.

Just like any other music video released from the emerging artist, you find yourself promptly gravitating toward the visuals. The opening scene, which incorporates a game of dominos being played with often collaborators Gelato, leads to a brief stairwell encounter with a neighbour providing a sense of the consistent dynamism emanated by Freddy Printz. Transitioning to some well-executed comic relief through a heated phone call between a young-adult couple, this allows the heavy-hitting energy of “Feel Like” to simmer for a moment before we punch back into Freddy Printz’ supreme lyrical dexterity.

In he final scenes of the music video we finally arrive at Ottawa’s community driven creative hub, The Real House of Ensemble. We hypnotically follow Freddy Printz to the vocal booth as he brings the braggadocious vibrations of his skillset without missing a beat.

Chalked full of cameos by other notable Ottawa-based artists, this video contains a lot of hidden gems that you have to go back and indulge yourself in numerous times to catch. Fueling his unrivalled verses with witty quips, Freddy Printz leaves his mark as he douses the speakers in impeccable rhyme schemes and leaves an aura of anticipation in regards to forthcoming projects.

“Feel Like” is available on all major streaming platforms. To check out the music video, click the image in the header.

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